Jhon Cena Net Worth 2015

Here WWE Wrestlingvid  in that article we inform you about some net worth and personal life and income of
JOHN CENA WWE wrestling champion. Born in April 23, 1977 and now in day become a multi-profession celebrity. Wrestler, Singer, Actor, Rapper, Musician, Bodybuilder are some profession of Mr. John Cena.
Jhon Cena Is great super star wrestler WWE history.


Jhon Cena Net Worth $35 million

WWE Wrestling Due to his multi profession he makes a lot of money during his profession from 2000 to 2015. His ranking is #4th with $35 million dollar in world richest wrestler list (Vince McMahon is # 1 with $750 million, The Rock is #2 with $160, Steve Austin is #3 with $45 Million). During 2015 he earn $5 million including $4.5 million endorsement income through his professional skills.

Let take a view of very past few years earning:


Year Salary Net worth


$2,500,000 $18,918,919
2014-2015 $3,448,276 $23,333,333

During 2015

$5,000,000 $35,000,000
2015-2016 (according to contract) $5,750,000 On ratio of past years$52,500,000

During his career he made many records including 19 championships, 2 Time world heavy weight champion, and 10 time WWE champion. In 2012, he also became a winner of the Money in the Bank contract. In 2001, strictly when one year of being an expert wrestler, John Cena moved to WWE. It was likewise because of his staying there that he turned into a world known wrestler. He has been included into wrestling for a long time as of now and has accomplished a great deal in this stretch of time. Aside from wrestling, John Cena has additionally sought after a profession on music and acting.


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