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ducing the stimulant action on the peripheral extremities of the nerves

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forced on into the pulmonary veins and flows into the left auricle.

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condition of weakness ; this is not the case if the muscular apparatus

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Hemorrhage from the ear may occur as the result of a fractured

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the bone marrow it has not been met with, and it is probable that the cases

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troul)les has been determined. In the first place we must address our

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Fulminating uraemia most commonly occurs in the course of chronic renal

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for treatment by inoculations should be entertained and proper

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for toning up the system weakened by debilitating discharges: and

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of environment, heredity, individual constitution, and acquired vice

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duction of the disease. During the last century and the first half of

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a boiling alkaline solution is reduced to black metallic bismuth.

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She continued to take the salicin in graduallj^ diminishing dose

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acute symptoms, and the sooner this is got into the system the better.

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Again, the total number of molecules in a sample specimen will be largely

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with rectal or -s'esical agony, especially after sexual intercourse. Pro-

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is more common, however, in the great centers of population and in

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congestion of the brain. To produce rest chloral is preferable to

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of these systems supplies air to the first, second, and

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in good physical condition, and not infrequently also in those who

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100 c.c. of undiluted urine contains = 4.88 gm. grape sugar.

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tion and abrasion most profound alterations in the mechanism of the

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connection between diabetes and other diseases, and indeed there is

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Beck, John B., M.D., professor of botany and materia medica,

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Primary myopathic atrophy was, as I have said, for a long time

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secretory power of the tubular celb fa gathered from sadly uncertain modes

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hydrotherapeutic measures of a mild character maj^ be cautiously

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the fact that nothing lasts forever, the sudden jars, metabolic and chemical,

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gotten that a series of convulsions followed by prolonged unconsciousness

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In following out the princii)les above enumerated we shall be in

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elimination of water continue. The nitrogen and water thus supplied

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myself seen a high degree of acetonuria and diaceturia in diabetics

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college, 156 ; his letter of announcement, 157 ; his personal

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tain inclines they must always be carefully watched and controlled.

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ceryman who had decided to sell out his stock of goods, and in order

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