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throughout. The peculiar distribution of the recurrent branches will

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Tiie splint was applied, and in six weeks the child came walking

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were several haemorrhages from the two wounds, mostly from the

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In the early history of the microscope, when it was first employed

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made an examination per vaginam and found the uterus considerably

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walls. From the head, already mature, are developed the joints

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very abundant; thus for the same number of red globules, there were

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31st. — He is very weak, and can liardly be prevailed upon to

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drowned. 1— dysctitcrv, 9— ejalcpsy, i— typhoid fever, 4— ^anfcrene, 1— jrastritis, 2— disease

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A late number of the London Medical Times and Gazette also speaks

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capable of holding a quart. It was partly fdled with blood, which

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as of advjjntitious growths. The peculiar " valvular cluck," spo-

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of the tiiird month of her third pregnancy. On the first visit, the pa-

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It was tlien moved that the President announce said Committee on

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element the anatomical element is also changed. If we are unable

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rather a doubtful progress, for let us whisper in the ear of the author

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Pectoral Mixture of Magendie. — R. Potass, hydrocyanic, mod.,

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cavity of tiie bladder. This, excepting a constriction near its fun-

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city, and yet further increased by its cheapness and the facility with

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consider that the mode of treatment caused the one death from

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u further contribution to the subject (Berliner Khnische Wochen-

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case similar to this in the common law. The laws of the Common-

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sloughy ulcer, with raised edges, wliich were in parts thin and re-

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in the end, the product prepared by these persons will differ but

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capable of holding a quart. It was partly fdled with blood, which

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ducing the peculiar train of symptoms called reflex, but we should

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Most of these cases are strictures which have been suddenly made

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Catlin's argument in favor of the great benefit derived from breath-

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order to do its work the most effectually and give the frame the most

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throat, and during the last two days some blood. From early in her

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General appearance thin and ana?mic. Pulse 60, good. Sounds

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