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From the time the first edition of this valuable work appeared,
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fact, I waited on the Editor of the (hizette, and requested him to put
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Came into clinical room five weeks afterwards, complaining of se-
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brought there by a laboring man from Brest. This patient was Uie
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thus perhaps moderating the pain. Sulphate of quinine was also
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in applying all these ingredients, as their use is universal with the old
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1856, erected an inhalatorium at Pierre-fonds, conceived the idea of
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wounds apparently firmly closed, and the man able to move across
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American Pharmaceutical Association, with special reference to the
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on infantile diseases is only the echo of popular acclaim, which has
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preventing the difficulties that were l)rought before me. Added to
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Govei'ument order, at a stated price, limbs fully equal to those sub-
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we have no reason to think this patent " unjust or illegal." Then the
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Since, too, the mechanical and physical means of examining into nature
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tion, its effect, in small doses, is that of a gentle aperient. In larger
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found by her sister in a miserable condition, exhausted by a frequent
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or less air along with it. It may be used in any stage of tiie dis-
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hovering about it. When it is planted, its spines are carefully cut
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Another interesting question, connected with these poisons, is the
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can give a more deadly blow to the medical profession than these
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by this error, either directly or by the fault of parents, we should
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ulmaria, and the tonka bean, and which substance has received the
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Forum had been during school and college days. The distinguished
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or fortunate escapes ; manner and date of leaviripj^ the service ; place,
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Deaths in Boston for the week ending Saturday noon, Nov. 10th, 82. Males, 44 —
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It is not unlikely that some of the epidemics recorded in the pre-
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friends, with a basin before her containing two or three ounces of
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Adams, of Roxbury, was appointed secretary pro. iem. A committee
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worship of his God. The father, who survives him, and towards
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It is only the air of the trachea and larger bronchial passages that is
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