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Stage of reflex excitability. In from three to four weeks after the
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toxic cases — exophthalmic and non-exophthalmic — had not been
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inability on the part of the overburdened and congested liver to
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included. Certainly the only logical stopping place of a complete
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sent areas of pigmentation. The grayish bands and lines are
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More properly speaking, the lesion was necrotic tuberculosis (" tuberculid") ;
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obtaining a large supply of blood from each case, has somewhat
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ventured on the appearance of the reaction alone. Subsequent
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pi'ptone intravenously. It is not necessary here to review all the
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which had elapsed between my findings of hy])ertension and June
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small, and shows greatly increased frequency, lividity, and coldness
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X-rays or reproduced under Roentgenography are too often the cause of
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disease further changes and continuance of the trouble should be speedily
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especially of the face. She now has these attacks about twice monthly.
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Methods. For the experimental investigation of this problem
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originating from an incomplete resolved pneumonia, and causing the
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Case VI.— Case observed from June 26, 1911, to April, 1912. There
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meter pipette, the mixture being expelled into a Wassermann tube. The
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or eleven years of a considerable number of such cases in which
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in water. (3) Treat for 10 seconds with Lugol's fluid. (4) Wash. (5) Stain
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successfully. The first of these attempts was at a postmortem,
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Vetlesen, a physician attached to Ullevaal Hospital in Christiania, gives
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In other animals that survived several doses of horse serum or
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it becomes negative as soon as the parasites disappear from the blood. As
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