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one third of the posterior aspect of the nasal fossae.

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gradually,' and, in proportion as it enters the excavation, it exe-

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specting its true pathology, or else we must believe, that much of the

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or to give smoothness \ richness and creaminess to the li-

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an ordinary sized trocar, half an inch to the left of the linea alba,

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absolute and persistent, and only partial in those of enteritis, and

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Hall; and, when they contemplated the state of nervous physiology

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stantly adopted and efficiently applied : after the first inspiration produced

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by the barrel, jerked it suddenly away. The hammer caught

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modes by which to render the animal and vegetable kingdoms

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rice gruel (avoiding soap of every kind), and in bathing the eruption several

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entered the mouth through the soft palate, and after-

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chloric Acid in the Glands of the Stomach. {Journal of

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reference has been made, and hence the majority of naturalists,

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tit is known that a frequent cause of chorea is a sudden immersion in cold water.

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* I mean to intimate that many distinct diseases of the digestive organs are often

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weather, are very apt to throw off the bed clothes, and thus,

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of term, and period of pupilage. Let them be replaced by material

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in a short period relieves the cough, improves the digestive

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of escape of the ovule, was evident beyond all cavil. In this same ovary

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perature, the fat previously accumulated in it is liquified and

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constipation which obtained with the child, at least precipitated it.

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There seem to be,i n regard to men, certain natural relations or af-

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and labor, in the proper acceptation of the term, set in — the

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the very animals — the verj ~hese powerful proximate

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of all other treatment. A cure so prompt and easy gave me con-

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preceeding the labor, a circumstance of itself quite sufficient to account for

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hands. That mental and bodily labor can be pursued toith less

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same relations to the nipple of the mamma in males and females,

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it may be mentioned that as burns of the corneo-scleral

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ance. Dr. Frank T. Smith, of Chattanooga, is secretary of the

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