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months old, a very violent pulsation was discovered at the fontanelle;

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coincidence or their sequence, seem to conform to the above-mention-

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left kidney, six ounces, two drachms and two scruples. The blad-

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membrane on the right tonsil, extending to the soft palate and to the

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pupil in the prosecution of his studies of disease, and to the physician

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ber events of the last three weeks. Urine slightly albuminous ; no

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the time of the third operation the patient was much emaciated and

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of the inner as ; and Dr. Barnes states, to employ his own language,

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silk tied round them. The needles Avere shortened with cutting

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within an inch of its opening into the auricle, and to the extent of

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symptom, and, indeed, constituting one variety of it, is the abnormal

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a cat, which was giving suck to a litter of three kittens at the time.

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and resources; if the remedies prescribed in her aid are, in these

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thotonos, the body forming a complete arc. During and just before

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1st. In cases where it is possible to temporize, to give a large opt-

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de cephalie, cephalalgie epidemique. The symptoms most generally

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tioners of medicine as well, giving as it does, in a concise form, the

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contact of foreign substances, and the experiments on this point are

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had expressed themselves as exceedingly skeptical on the subject of

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membrane. A number of these enlarged follicles coalescing into one

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as false theory in science, and the labors of those who thus digest and

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Deaths in Boston for the week cndinj? Saturday noon, April 21.«t, 77. Males, 36 —

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there, and the predisposed person, there must be a medium of con-

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dion have been sold for vaccine matter to supply the great demand. The

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two are not symmetrical in size, the one on the left being larger than

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August and .Septcmlier. — Medical and Surgical Reporter, Nos. 10-13. — Medical News and

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medical class, assisting me, to whom I refer to corroborate my record

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