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plan was doomed to utter contempt at tliis present day if phlebotomy
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amendments to the constitution of the Association, and the discussion
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temperature where germination could go on, while in the clear, cold
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address the association to-day at 11, A.M., on the treatment of nervous
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ing of the air-passages in many instances when their presence was
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his cures, he does not make it as rapidly. A well limb is soon forgot
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derable soreness of the throat followed, but the child seemed after-
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We cannot forbear the remark that we hardly think Dr. Derby's lan-
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scrifi. 1S82, No. 35) ; and in the Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung , No.
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extending up the thigh, and a phlegmonous swelling' in the popliteal
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April 10. — Electricitj' discontinued. Complains again of headache.
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names, as appended to the appeal, are W. D. Bickford, W. R. Champ-
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A disease propagated by contagion of any kind would hardly have
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and the latter between parts on opposite sides of such a plane.
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Exjierinient A^I. — A gi-ey cat was treated with the same dose, also
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Ilmmdpal 3funificence. — The municipality of Brussels have offered
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ard, enjoyed good health, and retained their primitive advantages by
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disgusting and deleterious products of decomposition — three of Na-
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the intestine is involved, the limits of the disease are perfectly defin-
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be appointed to make a report at the next annual meeting on Insanity,
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might be considered poor, yet their mortality was less than that of
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or abolishing their perceptive power, and causing a cup-like depres-
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strated their presence in violent epidemics. Yellow fever has proba-
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joint of such a person will, uncontrolled, give rise to exudations more
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Dr. Garrish, of New York, offered the following : —
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Is tlic corneal suppuration to be regarded in the case of our patient
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My friend, Dr. J. W. Gushing, has furnished me with notes of
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of the limb, but it is found to take one position or the other, probably
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the face, movements of limbs painful and sensitiveness of muscles on
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Charles K. Winne, for meritorious and distinguished services at Ty-
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J. Ernest Leuzinger, D.O., M.Sc. (Ost) F.O.C.O., F.A.C.O.S., Professor Ementus.
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General bloodletting was not considered judicious ; Dr. Woodward
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About a year since he began to have pain in and around this eye, with
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the transverse or check ligaments being ruptured. The spinal cord
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" Resolced, That in the death of Dr. James Couper we have lost a friend and
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There is another appendix to the Report of the Commission, which

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