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Cardifl'.— A Professor of Anatomy, and a Professor of i*hysioloi^y.
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special senses ; after which he treats of sensation as passing
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des Sciences, stated that the green coloration in a certain
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but certainly it is considered to do so in Germany, and the
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haps scarcely full enough for those for whom they are written.
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The outbreak of choler'a at the provincial lunatic asylum of
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which were the subject of our publication in the Compten
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■do all the medical work of a large district, cases must every
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Standish having no hospital. The matter is engaging much local atten-
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chair. There were present : Surgeon-Colonel Archer, P.M.O.,
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localities are followed by the same results— a decrease of
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reached Newcastle there had been an inquest on a case of
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majority of the cases. The county health officer has spoken in plain
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Wednesday, by invitation, a demonstration and explanation
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your proceeding thoroughly aseptic. There is no operation
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ordinar.v pressure is very high. Further, it is clear that such
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district, the drainage of the house being bad and the water supply having
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and their Climates, which will be illustrated by lantern slides.
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evolution and the great existing need for " experimental
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to have said that he " regretted the retrograde step taken by
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The fourth and concluding lecture on inebriety by Dr.
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inic school from the general school ; compared with the
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()'C. McSwiNEY, .Statl'-Surgeon to the Earjh, January .5th; Etan .St. M.
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of different species. That simple experiment was enough
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book it would be well to remove all references to authors from
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The proposal to tap a lake supply some twenty miles off' has-
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Day, Francis W. H. L., L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., appointed Medical
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six months. Salary, £10 for first six months, and £2.t for second sis
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there had been uo negligence by the defendant in prescrib-
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The cause of the proptosis was loss of tension, owing to the
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gaged in teaching and in hospital work, and during that
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has been posted to the Bombay command, in augmentation of the esta-
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severe results than humanised lymph. Local troubles he
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hair. Taking it to a little distance, I then pinched it ; she
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