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tion of the limb ; 4th. It is simple and cheap. Its disadvantages are

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would be rather digested than absorbed. In this country we know

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the evacuations should not be thrown into the privy, but buried. The

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fatigue, together with an abundant perspiration, caused in me consi-

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cannot doubt that the humane provisions which it is intended to

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Females, 42. Abscess, 1 — accident, 3 — inflammation of the bowels, 1 — congestion of the

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trespass and violate this oath, may the reverse be my

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their cortical substance, are engorged with black, diffluent blood, and

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to cure it, if properly used. That is, it does for army itch what it

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nights had become very distressing from the influence of the pains —

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the tube Faucher, and I have given it a length of only twenty cen-

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It is of vastly more value than many more ambitious and bulky works.

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last, at a hotel in Winona, Illinois, a largo number of persons were

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was invaded, and some cases of cholera showed themselves in the

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S}Tnmetrically into the humerus. A subscapularis arises from each

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relied on. The very acute pain produced by pressure upon the pro-

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the affected organism. Nil paucum critiaim essentially comprehends

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no disease will l)e produced. Hence, we must study the poison-

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Report of the Cholera Conference at Constantinople. 45

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* Med. Trans, of Col. of Tliysieians of London, vol. v., LSIo.

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thickened masses, which were much blacker there than on the sur-

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rations, for wMcli the more dangerous agent chloroform is now com-

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and then follow short notices of the heterogeneous and contradic-

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with the cyst close by the intestines. The sac varied very much in

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may be applied over large phagedcenic ulcerations without danger

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River Medical Society present were invited to take part in the pro-

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