Pool Fight Between John Cena And Brock Lesnar fight

ing, May 26th. The pulse was then 120, and exceedingly small and

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trance into the Hospital, he had had occasional twitchings of the legs

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ever brighter. We began as a class of ninety-seven members; we now stand eighty-

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ble disease. Our own city is a marked instance of the former, and it

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of heart normal. Tongue has a thick Ijrown coat. No appetite or

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Treatment of Cough and Expectoration.— Notwithstanding

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looks to the moral diseases of our race. Sixty years ago Percival,

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at first merely by extracting force, and afterwards, when the nervous

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down. • Manifest advantages attend the latter manosuvre, which is, of

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nent organization of said Section, with instructions to report at the

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Dr. F. W. Potter was unanimously elected Superintendent of

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kept secret. While 1 continue to keep oath unviolated, may

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that drug very freely, too freely at times. There was scarcely any

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sels of the mesentery and the vena portarum were distended with

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" On examination after death, the brain was found floating, as it

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