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but thought nervous prostration the essential element of the disease, this

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of those forces which result in life. Hence, it must be acknowledged

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and of mitigating its ravages. Such measures consist generally in

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time she had an attack of influenza, consequent, probably, upon

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* "The p.iiu (in gastric cancer) is, as a rule, more cnntinneil (tlian in gastric ulcer),

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the foreign population have two or three times as many children as

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have caused it to enter the gastric cavity, let it remain there for

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introduced to the very position which the pin is intended to occupy.

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the constant presence of false, muscular anchylosis in disease of the

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June 12th. The opening session will be held at the Eye and Ear Infirmary,

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The following case of gastrotomy, although terminating fatally, seems

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knee ; both were without cerebral symptoms ; both recovered.

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ache, lassitude and disordered secretions may follow, or even more

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Observations of the diseases affecting workers in minerals, metals,

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29th. — Leg looks sloughy still. Pulse quick and feeble.

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Hence it has been called famine-fever. But no class or condition of

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vious, ller family jdiysician, Dr. H., was called, and immediately

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larger proportion in the number of deaths among males.

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growing state, the birth-rate should be 1 to 30 ; once Massachusetts came up to

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and a small aneurism, just commencing, about the size of the top of

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Without excluding from consideration any general remedial action of

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state of things has been brought about in any respect by the viola-

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This modest little book contains a statistical resume by the author

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Length in inches and one hundredths. Weight in grammes.

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mon concentrated solution may be diluted with eight or ten times its

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do anything? If it can, it is obvious that the glands alone can be

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In purchasing a tube Fauchor, you should select one as

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some round or oval, others elongated and irregularly quadrangular,

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that mechanical work, i. e., muscular exertion, is dependent on the

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