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weather, till the latter part of June, 1836, when she sailed for Boston.
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1900 there were 6011 deaths, a mortality of 16"9 per cent.
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lice were washed off. We persuaded him to dive again, and this time
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based on his actual success. Dr. Scudder, at the Madras Station, is also
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high, &c., and avoided by cattle, which he had described, he considers
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provement of every branch of your profession, as well as from the high
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small ; and in consequence, less than a natural quantity of air is respired.
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same course, in detail. The high claims of Dr. Graves, "who resides in
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iDg successful, as was also that of the two boarders.
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Franklin Street, JVov. 9, 1836. July 19— 6m JOHN H. DIX, M.D.
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after profuse diarrhoea, was the result of half an ounce swallowed acci-
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and malignant smallpox, i.e. a diminished power of resistance of the part of
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the nervous system. The cases of tetany following excision of the thyroid
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the dissection, the root of the aorta was found ossified, and the semilu-
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Of the idiots that have come under my care, there have been some,
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discharged soldier came from one of the western forts, and was daily
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to drainage from the cut surfaces, causing reduction in the size of the
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^ighly-ivio. — Dr. Flint has resigned his situation of physician to the
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31. Has passed a quiet night ; the knee less painful ; the eschar on
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' tumor, which Dr. N. R. Smith twice operated upon, and removed.
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situated and distributed upon the posterior surface of the gland. It
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period of its appearance. The patient was transferred to a clioiol
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between the fingers, it leaves them in a very sticky, clammy state. The*
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Having been read a third time, the bill Was passed.
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interstitial hepatitis, which leads to cirrhosis, the capsule of Glisson
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It is a matter of common knowledge and experience that cases of un-
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character and intentness of purpose which is earning for him a well-
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however, shown tiiat the body which gives the acid-fast character is of the nature
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^^ But whether tuberculous diseases have diminished, or not, during
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of arresting hospital gangrene, but I have known repeatedly the parts on
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motions are more than two (some say more than four or even eight) in
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one therapeutic dose of 4000 units in 5 c.c. or less at 7s. 6d. Parke, Davis
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diaphragm. The splenic inflammation does not give rise to any symptoms
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which arise under different conditions, and whose nature is unknown.

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