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with the amount of other medical work a physician will do

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of the first week) improvement of aU s^Taptoms occurs on the next day after

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purely toxic effects, independent of actual infection, are obtainable in

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affected together, but in 3 instances the lower lobe of one and the upper lobe

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sels of the collateral circulation, and draining off blood from

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writer has repeatedly sought influenza bacilli in the exudate of lobar pneu-

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disturbance. The paralysis cleared up, followed by a return of intelligence,

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Certainly if the presence of globulin, albumose, peptone

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from its direct destructive effect. Caustics may be applied

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sels are congested, and on the outer and inner surface numerous punctate

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comparatively rare. In some instances the attack of tj^hoid fever may be

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patients should not be aroused for nourishment, but stupor must not be

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feelingly of the late Dr. Winston as one thoroughly

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possible to abrade so superficially that the vaccine will take and yet the

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Director of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company,,

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agitation. Convulsions have been reported at the onset and occasional

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organisms, which rapidly decrease in number after the crisis. The duration

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tance. Experimental evidence has shown that a diplococcus which is present

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a measure extended to the kidneys. They are not character-

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operation, is grave in the group with such severe toxaemia that there are

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articulation, and often down the neck. Canstatt, according to Barthez and

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two diseases, it is easy to understand that they can develop together, and

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out operation. Richardson reports nine recoveries in thirty-

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underlying tissues, combined with an abundant fibrinous exudation from the

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ity of women after the removal of ovarian or uterine tumors, it

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been studied especially by Besredka, and is called by him streptocolysin.

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three months and near the close of the epidemic. Knecht was the first to call

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but little macroscopic change is found in the intestine beyond swelling of the

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marked in races under diverse conditions as in animals.

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the disease in chimpanzees, 4 of which were infected; 2 died, and the

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directh^ to the home office and report their rating of risk, with

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condition be good, he may be given milk, chicken broth, blanc mange, ice

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in the mediastinum and extending upward to the nose, accessory sinuses,

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cination does not lessen the value of the animals for food.

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or to wait until the patient is desperately ill before beginning them, is fair

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