Cena  Broken Nose  Injury During Match

The organization has chosen to take point of preference in wwe lattest wrestling to Cena’s damage and add it to the story.
As per their report, the expert wrestler endured “a corneal scraped spot” amid the February first taping of WWE Live Events. In spite of the fact that the harm was detectable, Cena had the capacity chip away at February second. The circumstance declined however — as it is adept to do when you wrestle and beat up different men as a profession — constraining Cena to sit out the February eighth taping of Live Events.

In World Heavyweight champion match Seth Rollins, Cena Took a During his main event title match injured knee to the that left him stunned.
While the WWE is know . While the WWE Wrestling is known not huge segments of its battles, Cena’s damage was surely manifestly obvious.

Jhon Cena Lattest injury 2015
Jhon cena suffring from Lattest injury

He was additionally not able to contend on Monday Night Raw on February ninth.
At in the first place, it appeared that kindred wrestler and U.S. Champion Rusev was to be sure the reason for the damage, in the wake of tossing Cena confront first into a LED light board on the stage. Using this edge, the organization utilized the Bulgarian Brute to pursue the westler’s eye amid the taping with a specific end goal to give him time to heal.


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