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object being aided by a sliding to and fro motion until the
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and is usually due to toxaemia. It is rare for death to occur after the sec-
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The extractive matters of the urine, such as urea, uric
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ants — as veratrum viride — accomplish much the same results
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lactic acid and other products of tissue waste are arrested in
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flaccidity. The temperature in the axilla was 101° F. at 8 p. m. and 102.4° F.
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By Dr. Van der Poel. — For purposes of sub-standard insur-
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prevalent among the trackmen on railroads. Physicians and nurses who
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from the surface. As resolution begins the consistence diminishes, the plugs
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results of overstimulation become evident in enfeeblement, depression,
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examiners which gives him satisfaction, but among so many
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Disturbances referable to various organs may occupy the foreground, con-
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Scarlet Fever. — So constant is the presence of the streptococcus in scarlet
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presence in the urine is to be explained by some deterioration
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been the case when blackleg appears in a few days after
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The definite psychoses, as Farrar says, show no distinct clinical type but
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propranolol drug interactions
According to Fraenkel and Reiche the condition bears some relation to the
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has been entered about a foot, by its contact with the tur-
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ing, that one whom you have honored by election as your
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The mortality under one year is always high because practically no vacci-
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receive a good list of applications every few days, every one
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the incubation was in most cases from four to five days.
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c_\'tosis. Such a picture suggests acute pyelitis. The condition cleared up
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relief to it. Every year thousands undergo this operation, and the French
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then wrapped in the sheets and covered with one or two blankets. As a
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other morbid change of the pericardium is occasionally heard
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collected by Camac, although it has been suggested that the formation of
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extra fee. By correspondence and by personal interview
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may be of assistance. In tuberculosis there is often a suggestive picture

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