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placenta, membranes and lochia, very penetrating, very different

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ing up an active correspondence with many distinguished men of

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dilated so as to permit of the entrance of the fore-finger and explora-

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gradually improved. One day she brought me a box of pills, and

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delegates.' Strike out the word ' ten ' and insert the word ' twenty '

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they are sufficiently numerous and important to rob the medical sta-

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[Read to the Massachusetts Medical Society, at the Annual Meeting held in Boston in May, 1S66, and

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wise with the mass; not tender; hard, elastic, immovable; without

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apathetic indifference to their condition and prospects, and final

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inferior importance, and absolute quiet being hardly thought of Even

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found dry, and the bit of linen covering the lids Avas all that the se-

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moved with marked relief, and the boy seemed in a fair way to do

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the wound being closely followed ])y turbidity of the aqueous and

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a single positive outweighed a dozen negatives : a man being con-

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contributions, the production of this year's Synapsis. For this his

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dc Partiltns, a French pliysician, who was driven from Paris on ac-

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men in physiology, and in histology, normal and abnormal."

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service in suppurative forms. Oxide of zinc 3 i. to Fat § i. to be

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described by the different names of peripneumonia, peripneumonia

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anomaly is, that modern medical observation and research have dis-

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other words, that the diarrhoea called premonitory is able to transmit

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dients, that mischief occurs." He does not believe tint it would

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sion and swelling, seemed abnormally elastic on pressure. The ver-

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stimulants and anodynes, with external warmth and rest. This work

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be the home of the proposed Journal of the American Medical

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we have no reason to think this patent " unjust or illegal." Then the

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head, but flic delivery was easily accom))lished by turning. The

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sorbing ammoniacal matters, as the best disinfectant of urine. The

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cases of renal or geuito-vesical disorder." — Basham's Lectures on

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the use of his medicines the increase was attributed. Finally, three

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The author of this little volume was Health Connnissioner during

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violent exercise; and so in other ])laces there were found iufl^icnees

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