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established a benevolent hospital for the treatment of the
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culosis. I have purposely refrained from discussing
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were open and the interposition of a faintly colored glass
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sailing from San Francisco, Cal, February 5, 191 1.
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results, still I realize that many valuable sugges-
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i>, The Active Principles of Ergot, By H. H. Dale.
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fruit and green vegetables. It is my experience that
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fill the vacancy by reinstatement, transfer, or promotion.
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ing. Temperature from 102° to 103° F. Patient died from
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cases and deaths reported for the two weeks ending De-
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ing the cervix to come down into the vagina and exposing
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up for six weeks, when the patient's condition being in
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cases of cerebrospinal fever, 4 of diarrhoeal diseases, and
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cent, of successful outcomes. Such results are very
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affection retrograded completely without local treat-
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tion of the casein in cow's milk by the addition of
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presentation if it is rational and the necessary re-
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sentences come from the pseudoscientists, leaders of
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minutes. This final residue was then extracted with
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eyes, the suggestion was strongly confirmed that there was
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No other important fact has been demonstrated rela-
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ment from $1,800 to $2,000: sets $2,500 as the nominal scale
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which I had no knowledge at the time, a positive declina-
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nite than this, but it is very interesting to learn from
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results in internal and nervous diseases, for the re-
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years of enteric fever, as it appeared in a small dis-
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sibly three thousand men in the prone method. Their system re-
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it is at present in the respective asylums and jails
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recently, the city of Atlanta will receive $50,000, the inter-
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burg. This brings the total in the capital up to 3,750 cases,
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