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which they may be killed without injury to the patient in whom they
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and put lime into their food, it would seem that an excess of lime
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increases, and the patient succumbs to the paralysis, which advances
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A vaccine was prepared and four several injections given,
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punishment was not due to its want of severity. Without attempting
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tense, and so impede motion that the one eye cannot be as completely
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the sole of the foot severe neuralgia, proceeding from the terminal
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but always in small quantities and in fluid form. In addition to these di-
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of the patches ; (3) the social conditions of the patient.
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tacks are often repeated several times in the course of one or a few
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note that in this case the signs of consolidation disappeared
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The nucleus, which is generally stained somewhat lightly,
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is rare in childhood, more frequent from the fifth to the fifteenth
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tinued use of alcohol may induce such a state in the gastric mucous
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both macroscopic and microscopic specimens, and accurately portray the
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Massol to consist of B. acidi lactici. Especially in the treatment
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affected muscle, and to make active movements with it. The skin
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sensible evaporation from the skin, which have been observed at my
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Surgeon and Lectuver on Surgery, St. Mary's Hospital; Surgeon io the
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A Short Manual jor Monthly Nurses. By Charles J. Cullingworth, M.D.,
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noticeable and steadily increased until July 1906. The dose
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apathy, loss of thinking-power, even advancing to idiocy, a blunting
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by the rigidity of the thorax and the tension of the abdominal mus-
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in the neighbourhood of a discharging sinus informs us— a
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most other observers say that the disease generally resists all treat-
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Jousset and others, in which the fluid is allowed to clot ; and
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blood samples, and take duplicates of some of them, not telling
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more of its anti-bacterial potency. Douglas and I have shown
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tinct venous hyperaemia and inflammatory participation of the retina.
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prepared from her own cultures from a spot on the chin.
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originally suggested to him by Charles Darwin, on the excita-
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more covered with healthy hair. Loss of the hair induced by inflam-
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without any recollection of it. These apoplectiform attacks, occurring
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designated as a peculiar form of softening of the brain, as " simple " or
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When the disease passes into the so-called second stage, the re-
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ing in intimate relation with the nervous plexus of the abdominal
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amplitude, is succeeded by the customary "positive phase."
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not oecur during childhood ; it is ' rarer among women than men ; in
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which cause the patient most distress. In such a case,
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called the expectant method of treatment, as opposed to the
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Surely there can be no scientific justification for such dogmatic
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the bowel from without may be the cause, thus abdominal
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get a free growth. On two occasions I succeeded in getting a
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is at stake. They are the citizens of the future ; their
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adults, and men, are more frequently infected than invalids, women, or
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for weeks, this remedy affords no protection against scarlatina. The
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the diarrhoea is accompanied by vomiting, by which at first merely the
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consequently is very important in the diagnosis of meningitis. If the

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