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and vomiting in apoplexy from congestion or extravasation of blood in

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the royal crib of three kings (George HI. George IV. and William

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small suppurative foci were found at the site of inoculation ; whereas

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Tmb annu&l Course of Lectures for 1838, in this institution, will commence oaili<S3iaA«l*

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for. It is not a particularly difficult thing to ligature the superior thyroid

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tions strongly resembled those of a child who has congenital cataract,

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formities. They are commonly not aware that these irregularities are

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Anatomy and Physiologgr, by.- ^ - - - - - RoBsar Watts, Jr., M.D.

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mouth. In twenty-four hours or so the pulp will be found to be destroyed,

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lastly, on the'ulnar side of the hand Fio. 26.— Abdominal kneading.

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Society, will come up for consideration before the Council to-morrow

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by drugs such as phenacetin, antipyrin, acetaniUd, etc., but it is not advisable

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aged one hundred and eight years, died a few weeks since on the estate of

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paste, or they dissolve a number of match heads in water. The composition

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generally due to narrowing of the trachea by unilateral or bilateral

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years, and this draws attention to them. They are generally diagnosed as

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impede the venous or arterial circulation." IVousseau's symptom, as this

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then I have seen several cases in which there was a marked increase in the

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under medical treatment in the year, of three hundred and six. In

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Dr. Bell's report of the condition of the McLean Asylum, of which

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formed immediately after excessive strain induced, say by sawing wood for an

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activity ; but in the posterior columns of the spinal cord there are other sets of

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In (ii.) and (iii.) the bar is not employed ; the operator's hand acts as in (i.)

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The numbers of well- formed bacilli present in a lesion or discharge may,

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(c) In young fat children there is very little space left above the

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disease, without intoxication being induced, may be seen amongst bar

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near the hip joints, shattered one of the* legs of the second, near the

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