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matched ; (.3) the strength and resistance it possesses. The cavity must be

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and OB this being done sulplmric acid, weakened with one half water, is

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have passed into the sac of the pleura, and even to the external surface

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disease, and sometimes in acromegaly and myxoedema, the idea suggests

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for which he was bled and blistered with advantage. He was subject to

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may give rise to difficulties of diagnosis, for in some cases it may be im-

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and shade, a spectral appearance is then produced (it befng sup-

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the administration of iron to pregnant women ; if, for the purpose of

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Treatment. — From the point of view of treatment cases of cancer of

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The above remarks are strikingly exemplified in medical and religious

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gans, is represented in the following table of M. Louis, which is founded

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themselves are remarkable for the variety of tissues they contain, as well

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three-quarters of a grain. The injection should be given every second or

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most gratifying. She has not yet been long enough under instructioa

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quantity of blood to he aerated in the lungs is, therefore, less thaTi

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Manchester, of Providence ; Otis Bullock, of Warren ; Joseph B. F. Ful-

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dry belly ache, from the existence of carbonic acid in the water, which,

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the intestine ; and in regard to the small intestine, although tl)e traces

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the style of the work will be admired by the profession, as well as the gen-

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massage-movements, are usually prescribed ; but in such a case as intercostal

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The treatment consists in excising the tumour, preferably from the

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who delivered the course at the medical institution the past winter.

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alkaline sulphate, produces a white precipitate when added to a solution of

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Etiology. — Lacunar, parenchymatous, and peritonsillar inflammations,

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dess Ammarl, has a temple in the town, which had been neglected

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the vein, dissect out aboat two inches, and remove it ; you then apply a

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rise to any anxiety. It is very doubtful whether it deserves to have a place

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considerable time after each attack. Convulsions in lead poisoning are of

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such as acetic acid, alcohol, methyl-violet, venom of cobra di capello,

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