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tions of temperature. In the former month there were seven ex-
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the thorax was broad, and the limbs of the two sides were connected
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with disappointment and degradation, who find the heaviest Inirdcns
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tite returned, and he felt so much relieved that he considered himself
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bowels to be opened by enemata ; chloroform, on spongio-pilin, to be
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temperature by the rapid solution of nitre with snow was extended
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not all eminent dermatologists of the present day, although several
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There was no cholera at that time in Portsmouth, and those four cases
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faith in the powers of nature, he had little confidence in heroic treat-
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degree. The itching is incessant. The cars, too, arc distorted, and
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we are able to draw a reliable line of demarcation between sound and
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ren, Surgical House-Pupil at the Hospital, made an examination, and
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the frequency of new formations in the larynx, and describes every
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of the symptoms of poisoning by this dangerous drug.
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cver, liavc been reckoned in, proviiled no amblyopic eomplieatii)n could l)e discovered before
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ascertained to be the author of the " Essay on Health in Cities," «fec.,
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From the Second London Edition. Philadelphia : Liiidsav Sc Blakiston.— A Manual of Aus-
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pass unnoticed." '' It is characteri/.ed by specks of extravasated
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by Dr. Rush in his argument against the contagiousness of yellow fever.
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P. CO. through public relationsand the Pennsylvania legisla-

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