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pleura. Auscultation of the heart could not be satisfactorily

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convulsions. It is more than probable that in placing one electrode

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cated, as in haemorrhage, a roller bandage should not be applied to

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supi)ort of this belief in Mr. Prescott Ilcwett's article on "Injuries

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of the brain, S^bronchitis, 1 — cancer, 1 — ccrehro-spinal meningitis, 1— consumption, 21—

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standing the popular opinion as to the effect of arsenic) is not clear-

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feeling at the stomach," called for a vessel, and began to vomit. This

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ra-poison, is so irrational and unpliilosophical, so absurd, so opposed

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branous exudations were exhibited, early in the afternoon. In a few

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and unhealthy appearance of the skin. Prof. Greene remarked that

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is, more than 500 millions of metres in a second ; the nervous cur-

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once perceived the drift of this, and saw that his patient wished for

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ers. It is not a treatise on the Theory and Practice of Medicine,

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He liad at different times been President of the State and County

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their vitality arose from traditional 8U])erstition or special hygienic

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all the cases that came under his observation out of the city were

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cial volume the results of my own experience in this connection, embracing at present 1500

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Medical School, as stated in the notice in our advertising columns.

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covery, less than one-sixth having died after that time; the most fatal

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been used by hi:ji with trreat success in the thre<' teiTilile visitations of the cholera in that

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was no special complaint of dyspnoea, although she was evidently

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book, and the author has carried out his plan with remarkable patience

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that he habitually slept with cotton-wool in his nostrils to guard

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scire, quid morbi sint ; " and it is from this principle that the many

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report of Dr. Francis Minot, tlio Treasurer, was read. This re-

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