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Other 3Iore or Less Gliaracteristie Symptoms. — Apart from the par-

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which are apt to follow single large doses. The remedy is best given

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diet is capable of preventing or ameliorating them, is it unreasonable

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tuberculosis, in 12 of which the tonsils were affected.

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which undergoes necrosis more or less nearly complete. In the severest

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boy of fifteen, who had wounded his foot with a rusty nail

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liar ether flavor, the sherry flavor, is formed by the soleras

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Burgundies we see in America are the Chablis wines. They

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tants produce a narrowing of the small arterioles, with a rise of pres-

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the shock in the pre-algid stage is due to the rapidity of transudation

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skin or are feebly developed, these structures really perform the func-

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great good. You may see the dangers to the younger, at

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has been studied by Robin and Binet, who experimented on more than

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old age, premature if in the young, fully ripened if we have

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by inoculation those who handle or wash them frequently, if they chance

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abdominal compresses or by the trunk pack at 70°, repeated every

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physician, seeing 'thousands of cases, he knows. 1 said, " You

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know of no organ of the body, of no function of the body, of

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heated. If any wine is used, take claret and water. For des-

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pend j)raetiti(mers. Tt is recimunended that it' " any ])ractitioner

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ment finds its echo in most works on practical medicine at the present

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file fiifiiicr Hfcrclarv and Trea.stirer trozcn out '. Is it true tliat a

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meetings on three consecutive days, at the same time doing a cer-

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Whether the theory of Wood and others be accepted, that " thermic

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The various stages in the development of a tubercle are —

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eiror to continue bathing until the rectal temperature approximates the

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suppuration occurs, although he has observed good results to follow

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the tewperature. The rash conies out first upon the trunk (chest and

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they place a cloth wet with hot water in an earthen pot, and

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spirilla, however, reliably discriminates relapsing fever.

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which she was well dried and sent into the open air. Under this systematic man-

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ences, as thermal, massage, sweating, resisting movements, energetic

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value in a large clientele, and to whose writings I owe my earliest in-

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Valuable as these statistics must be as an argument in favor of strict

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reports* eighty cases of enuresis which he has observed in an orphan

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■cases either the bath should be shortened — Brand' s rule is to remove

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obtained from their employment. The fever calls for antipyretics, such

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