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and toward exacerbations of their trouble. Although a very guarded

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and he concludes, from his observations in the Lourcine Hospital,^

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the cotton plugs, we are led to conclude that at most only a very

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Association, to which your Lordship and myself were sent as repre-

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will depend on whether or not we can exclude in the interpretation

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with the extreme variation in the course of the disease, renders

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which venesection is a good prophylactic measure. Also when cerebral

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disease was occasionally contagious, this would not invalidate the

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Qth December. — State on admission : — Patient is extremely deaf,

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too much phosphoric acid]. On an average the author gives only

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of mineral waters is often to be recommended (Miihlbrunnen at Carlsbad,

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taking into consideration the phenol coefficient and the cost per

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cient evidence, as will be seen from the following review:

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1,250. A similar series of tests for 11 animals showing more or less pathological

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weight, at rest or doing only moderate work, uses on an average 2500

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and cyrtophoric progression, a peristrophic or turbinal or rotative

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wider view of the subject, and a little less curtness in dealing with

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flagellum and blepharoplast there soon appears a heavy ridge

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artery are the nutrient vessels of the liver, they are consequently

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respects it was but little altered, fairly firm, and moderately hy-

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author agrees with Leube in giving to boiling the preference over roast-

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