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tient may eat things much worse if curbed too much.

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\ancc of all otIiiT Allied coiintrie,- in the wm-k <■( reiiistatinir her

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and water treatment, and also striking evidence on the difference

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may become necessary to give them unsparingly, the character of the

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moist rales over the chest, such as we might find in any one

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Boston and Jenner of London made important contributions to the

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classical essay on the involvement of the gall-bladder in ty-

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The striking changes produced in the psychical and intellectual in-

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of skin-eruptions (eczema, etc.). These serve as doors of entrance for

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Six inches above the level of the cylinders an inch opening exists,

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pupils are dilated, the eyes are partly closed, and the eyeballs at inter-

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kneaded and rubbed. After removal from the tub, an abdominal

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and milk is best, and not too rich at that. Watch for retro-

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amount of the sugar in its blood leaving it. The sugar in

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It has been quite well established, as we know, that rheuma-

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which constitute a most powerful element in our therapeutics. We have suc-

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stand than the composition of foods, their effects upon the

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the great work done by Lister and his followers, and can

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method) the life-saving efficiency of the latter is enhanced. The

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outbreaks of ordinarv couahs and colds, which usually occur in the

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tient to take, a very restricted diet, as near to sterilized milk

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muscles, particularly of the posterior crico-arytenoid and lat-

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ing other hydriatic procedures, resorted to douches, with which I am

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most frequent of which is a throat or tonsillar ulceration, inflammation

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as much as possible, and shade off your tobacco if you use it

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nature than the skin. The numerous bacteria — benign and pathogenic

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day. Unfortunately, the majority of medical practitioners do not give

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moderate onslaughts. Such patients should be particularly

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and other hygienic measures may have been in large part re-

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cal science, can any of the recognized symptoms of the iiarticular

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racteristics. Villemin in 1865 performed his epoch-making experi-

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