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site. In the first stage our object is to keep in check the local
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never full^^ regained. Mental weakness is shown by undue emotional
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found to be best borne. Alcoholic stimulnnts may be given per enema^
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ducting power of nerves, electricity affc)rds important information in cases
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Garrod go to show that this remedy does not increase the amount of uric
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entire ignorance as to whether the specimen belonged to the
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natural sulci of the skin at that part all radiating from it, as from
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of skin were joined, producing a double closure over the aperture
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the first five hours, and then slight decrease at seven hours, not
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which penetrate the muscular walls of the Wood-vessels from the
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ether, belladonna, hyoscyamus, and the valerianate of ammonia are appro-
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quir3^ In the large white kidney the affection is probablj' inflammatory,
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cases 25 were discharged free from evidence of cardiac disease. The
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and heart of persons who have lost large quantities of blood.
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Measures of treatment, differing and quite opposite in character, will
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branches of the hepatic duct within the liver. Dilatation of these ducts
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gave results easy of interpretation. By projecting sagittal sec-
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distinguished clinical observers. Examples of persons becoming affected
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hope to aid in removing the diathesis. Wounds are, of course, as far as
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spinous process of the fourth lumbar vertebra, and pursued a diagonal
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to the brain (and nothing but the brain) in the early period of
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of 1834 the patient married, and soon became pregnant ; this
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NoRRis, H. W. 1913 The cranial nerves of Siren lacertina. Jour. Morph., vol.
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not be advisable, in the first stage, to endeavor to allay the excitement
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and ought to be removed as soon as practicable, notwithstanding
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aneurism is in tense apposition with its contained blood there is
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the general cutaneous fibers that are distributed to the dorsal
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may be supposed to suffer from the nervous consequences of unsatisfied
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fatiii. Ilffimaturia occurs in connection with renal disease, and, if not
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obtain a pressor effect by the strongest stimulation of the de-
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many instances. A light surface stain with borax-carmine was
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ter, but the principal part of it runs over. The nearer the fis-
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ticable, the cause or causes, and emplo3'ing tonic remedies in conjunction
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Sheldon, R. E. 1908 The participation of medullated fibers in the innervation
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both of these anatomical systems. The question then arises, which is pri-
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port. It is accompanied by a sense of prostration which is frequently
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course peripherally by the method of dissection. Two of the
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