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those most susceptible to its influence, or who have been most expos-
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in the shape of an ounce and a half of brandy, to be taken in the
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The patient was turned partially over upon his face, and an inci-
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into and report the facts in the above case at the next annual meet-
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name of a single man who by the suffrages of the world would be
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bone had slipped by each other. This was all the mutilation she or
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I will first speak of the manner in which this subject originally oc-
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enumeration of cases, but which we shall not detail at length, about
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as iridectomy directly benefits only the minority of operative cases, and it is ex-
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tine ; and it is rare that the neuralgia, even stomachal neuralgia, is
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a sharjvpointed bistoury was plunged through the skin just above
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to it. Complains of pain in the temporal regions of the head. Is
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ing has done more to lower the prestige of regular practitioners,
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peat each other in a similar way. In the arm already described,
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tercourse with them, will make them better men, and better phy-
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profound respect to the long series of observations and experiments
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not cross-examine. If he had done so with reference to the third
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ing the multiplication of cells and consequently granulation by means
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farmers had availed themselves of this privilege), was adding an
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of presenting their preparations to the profession. For some years
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thasma vagans, et consilio singula dirigens, sed complexum quendam
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further secured by a compress of cork covered with wash leather, and
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symmetry the union, the great one of Hippocrates. The same may be
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understand how great a service Dr. Toner has done in rescuing all
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died, about tweutj-four hours after the receipt of the injury. No
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campaigns during the same period will be surprised to learn that the
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314 Citrons Oxide as an Anasthetic and Tlierapeutic.
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sion, or laceration, by coni re-coup, at some distant spot.
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H. Steele, Middlebury ; L. F. Burdick and J. P. Kent, Winooski ; D.
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foreign countries, or even with other branches ol learning at home.
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placed in a warm bath, in which he expressed himself much relieved,
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the pains commenced again. The os became dilated, and a tumor
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may as woll call '• ileus," are twisting pain, and local tumor from wliich
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tion of this organ, whether dependent on local causes or due to re-

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