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greeted as delegates from those Societies, welcomed by tiie President,

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with the vapor of water at a high temperature, or else by giving

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ever happened to see in the same space ; to say nothing of the senti-

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dcbito or dine ac via turn secernit, turn et'iam expellit ; nostra ope, nostris

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Year's day, the transfer was made to the building now under conside-

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quite sure that the amount of brandy and gin (whiskey had not been

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a contagious character. 3. A hospital for infectious diseases. 4. A

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partizans upon the stand, and to give testimony in which the truth is '

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each ; both were marked by the peculiar erratic character of their

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intermittent fever, 1 — gastritis, 1 — ha;matemesis", ) — disease of the heart, o — infantile disease,

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the new disease which appeared in February, 1685, to be the same

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water, or water and glycerine, have ndieved severe tinnitus. There

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30,000 and 40,000 children, who, during the past twenty-six years,

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larged ; 03 ulcerated and patulous. Has profuse haemorrhage ; system

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of the City of Macon, Ga. By J. Emmett Blacks^ear, M.D.,

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I do not know why erysipelas should have occurred in my case,

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route hither, and was lying sick at the Soldier's Rest, No. 81 Summer

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dition and conducted in a manner which I consider both disagreeable

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The first category embraces the medical history of the several armies

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Saturday, the lGth of December last, while in the attitude of

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it might possibly be applied to the production of local anaesthesia;

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was increased not only by large numbers removing from otlier States

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Next, on p. 33, in treating of intra-capsular fracture of the femur,

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gaining confidence with the highest order of dental surgeons.

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ly in other towns in Hartford and Litchfield Counties, and continued

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found smaller than the other, and apparently longer than its fellow.

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in the winter — the greatest number of deaths happening in cold

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suggested by a case in which the exhibition of alcohol was deemed

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