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to produce infection, it follows that every animal possesses the elements

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the strap-button upon the plate or expansion which supports the pad,

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successful cure of an experimental infection ; (4) by means of Behring's

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youth, they have escaped the parental tendency ; whereas if they would

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by entry of food into the glottis, causing choking and cough.

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were taught by him for the first time that fever was not an over-activity,

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of abnormality in the parts with which it is in relation by afferent

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ture rise, never fall ? To this there is but one answer, and that a very

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termed "hypertrophy of the lung." The chest is enlarged to some

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organization is to be completed. The process of nutrition causes to be

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called, from this circumstance, " Radiatae ;" in the distribution of blood-

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The incubation is probably short. From two to five days is ap-

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proach of a drinking cup may throw the sufferer into violent spasms.

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foremost was Cohnheim ; and to this end the frog has supplied the most

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the vessels it is capable of doing harm in certain cases of heart failure,

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kidneys. In other respects the diet is as for chronic nephritis.

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familiar to the Medical Society at the time Dr. Bartlett was on the tapis,

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is maintained — the function of thermotaxis. Traube, being both a

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face false membrane appears sooner or later. In some cases it is formed

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And now to pass to the after effects of influenza : I can hardly do

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the easy life of Madeira exercise on some persons so great a cliarm that

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the organism is adjusted to a higher normal, cannot be accepted as it

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the dose of poison against which it has been protected. Roux has further

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sudden changes in temperature, moisture, light, and atmospheric press-

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When I remove (continued the professor) the fibrous membrane, yoa

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cent ; in Leipzig (for 1880-1893), 12-7 per cent, whilst other places (such

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respecting the climate of St. Croix, and simuhaneously with it, appeared

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a certain amount of scientific work has been devoted to them, so that

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am inclined to- expect good results in cutaneous cancer ; and from its in-

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been last in coexistence, or immediate succession with each other, and

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To be accurately adapted to the wants of the infant, the required

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lence, dose, seat of inoculation, susceptibility of the host, and so forth.

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