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patient cannot define its exact period of origin. After reaching the
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on a butcher's block in Cambridge, which tlie butcher assured him had
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evident that, in some manner, the former gas finds its way outward
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was attacked. These facts are not consistent with the supposition
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less of the risk they incurred from another explosion of the burning
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yet been noticed. One was of a lady, who was attacked April 27th,
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curve of the spine with gyration, will apparently take a long step
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ease. Let nie give you a very brief analysis of Dr. Tufl^nell's
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This was an epileptic, from the western part of the State. He
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The woman referred to by Dr. Collins as having haemorrhage on the
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it is among soldiers arrived in the corps since less than a year, that
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that I annually am getting letters from very remote parts of the island,
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we know, by the experience of all ages, back to the very origin of
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to intermittent, remittent and bilious fevers in the fall of the ycar.f
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but they are little used when they can be avoided, on account of
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cysticercus and tapeworm, occasionally noticed — patients infecting
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men and slaves. Whatever in connection with my pro-
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are very ofi'ensive or noisy ; second, from the city at large, typhus, the
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recovery after extraction, like that after all surgical operations, is influenced by
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for August. — St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal for July and August. — Medical Report-
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4th. — Had a good night. Expectoration as above, more abundant.
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down." " How can I," said she, "when I am going? oh! I am go-
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the most prominent symptoms : — ])aiii in the chest; in some cases
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Paralysis was entire, A small amount of urine was drawn off". The
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led, and the tumor afterwards destroyed. Yet despite all his teach-
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Dr. J. showed a cast in plaster of the intestine that had been taken
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tween 40 and fiO years, 13— above 60 years, 9. Born in the United Statcs,.5o— Ireland, 25—
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Our schools are too often managed with a belief that the true aim
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same hand which introduces the instrument. The cases best suited
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"perhaps," "possibly,'' " I rather think/' "I would venture to
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son the air of half the inhabitants; a similar nuisance of several yearn
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when we remember that ferrocyanide of potash, introduced into the
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Stephen J. Zukowski. SEATED — Earl K. Trievel, George E. Kleiber. Duff L. Gula. SEATED - William J. McGrath, Norman Koiman.
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cians in Boston, Mass., to whom he had sent facts incontrovertible,
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and the hyaline the most rarely found, besides being from their trans-

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