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volume of the blood, still nevertheless act by impoverishing it.

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of country, necessitates the employment of Acting Assistant Surgeons

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in this University, and to learn how to convert it all into an agency

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from the incision, about the size of a silver half-dollar.

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sickness was greater than with the former, and the mortality rate I

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pleasantness of any kind, and were in no ways affected by the saliva,

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tremendous loss of the most useful domestic animals. " Deus adju-

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considered, a proper regard for the teachings of pathology will

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viewed through the microscope, I should be irclined to say, at least

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Icnown executive ability, proved on many an emergencj' during the

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repeated, even to the long-tried and trusted physician ; for there are

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and on account of the strange appearance of the skin. Dr. White was

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vals remote from the ingestion of food, for an excess of white cor-

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usually not to as great an extent. The causes of cirrhosis in chil-

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Books Received. — Clinical Observations on Functional Nervons Disorders. ByC Hand-

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cause of death after fracture, during the past twenty years. Baseh

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meration of causes as indefinite and general as the definition. They

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inches. This is about the length of that drawn iu Bonrgery's

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disease by means of emigrants arriving from infected ports, to guard

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markable general correctness, there is one inaccuracj', the importance

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Let us now come to an understanding with regard to the inognosis

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covering the palate might be saved, as they peel off easily when the

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weoki, whilo upon e low diol and largo amouul of ulkaliei whioh

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his degree of Doctor of Medicine. With this necessarily general

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the pelvis. The application of immediate pressure in any other way

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diffusion, as established by Graham, to the respiratory function.

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district the epidemic has been more or less prevalent since the com-

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It was clearly carried there ; it was in the ship during its passage

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the same time and in the same place. The affection of different

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plexus pass on each side between the long head of the triceps and

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