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dangerous when there is any cardiac complication as there so often

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since, are now explained by the accurate research of the present day, and

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she hold now ? The earnest students of other countries no longer

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Died,— At Hingham, 8th inst., of apoplexy, Dr. Robert T. P, Fiske, aged 66 years.

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caused the bedding, personal clothing, and other articles which were

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river ; and maintains that, as a rule, those localities sufier more from

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40, while at work just after the noon rest, fell from a considerable

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A third case of painless Caesarean section, successful, under Dr.

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The introduction of the stomach pump was embarrassed conside-

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did not respond to a stronsj lig^it; nasal passages insensible to car-

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whom all candidates should be examined, and who should report upon

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residing in this city, who, as his sou informs me, was at the time fully

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ferers after any important military engagement. The great good done

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paroxysm, or that leaves a more disagreeable effect behind it, than

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interest in the sciences and the encouragement of an under-

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remedy that seemed at all adequate to the enormity of his misdo-

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knowledge extended further than th's. Such use of the oil must

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of the sac. The foetus had escaped into the abdominal cavity, and

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cases. He remarked also, in this connection, that he believed the

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much and appeared to promote the activity of the bowels ; it was

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3d, Tiiat it is this very experience which proves that nature heal-

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I consulted Mr. Farmer, with whose name I was familiar in con-

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Health Commissioner of New York, in which, rather by ridicule and

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8 o'clock, and his mind returned to the state in which it was when

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• Some account of the value of this method may be found in this Joi iix.^l, Dec. 25, 18G2,

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cence of the mucous membrane covering the turbinated bones, which

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