Dusty Rhodes Professional American Wrestler Died


Dusty Rhodes Professional American Wrestler

Real name Virgil Riley Jr was born October 12 1945-June 11 2015,Famoust as as The American Dream was an American Professional Wrestler after Ring did his work as trainer who

worked for WWE.Dusty

Rhodes An Amercan Wrestler

win three time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.He was also win United Statr Champion and many time Televison Tag Team Champion, also six man tag Team Champion.

Jim Crockett Promotions (1985–1989)

After win Television Title in 1985 Dusty Rhuds Become a Booker for Jim Crockeet Promotions

World Wrestling Federation (1989–1991)

In mid-1989 Rhodes came to the WWF as the yellow polka-dotted “Common Man” Dusty Rhodes, a gimmick some felt was intended to humiliate him due to his synonymy with the rival JCP/WCW.
Come back to WCW and ECW (1990s)

Rhodes came back to WCW quickly a short time later as an individual from WCW’s occupying council

Constant Action Wrestling (2003–2005)

Dusty Appear Total Non Stop Action Wrestling TNA 2003.

Free circuit (2003–2006)

Come back to WWE (2005–2015)n

in June 19,2006 Apper As Back Stage fragment with Vince


Personal Life Married

Dusty Rhodes discover his first wife Sandra,and latter marrid Michelle.
Dusty was the brother of law wreslters jerry sags and fared Ottman.

June 10,2015 .

Rhodes Professional Wrestler

Have Four child

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