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surface of the yolk or blood In the white; rupture of blood vessels prior to ovulation

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tinguish the nuclear or root paralyses from the pyramidal (lateral) tract

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hand, however, we also see cases in which there is a considerable atrophy in the

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is extended, flexed, or rotated inward, in just the same way as in genuine

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there is the pronounced picture of paralytic dementia with disturbances of

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was finally entirely blind in both eyes, entirely deaf in both ears, and almost

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from their Masters or Tutors. The sabjeots of EramiTiatiop are : — (1) Any ftve.

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kgm. (165 pounds), may be regarded as abnormal. 1 This increase in bulk

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different, apart from the changes in the vertebral column and the absence

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dementia") rather than to an actual extension of the morbid process in the

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Attending Roentgenologists: Drs. Paul C. Hodges, Frederic E. Templeton.

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IS. What imjjoftant characteristic should the packaging material of freeze dried

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In severe cases the same appearance may also be presented by the articular

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to anxious ideas and unfounded fears, and thus to the development of all

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Hygiene—" Traits d'Hygiene," or M. Levy, Wilson's " Handbook,'*

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-00 led to 40 F., or lower, with brine or some other refrigerant.

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ciation of ideas) either spontaneously or on pinching any part of the skin.

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Practical Chemistry, £4 4s. (if not previously attended); subjects

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ear; but the trouble usually disappears in a very short time. Each auditory

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(a) Cold raw milk is received In the constant level tank with the help

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Enarcise H: Rei<,a«pttfS 5, & and 12 vf m 145-1, mn coap1«te the fotlonloo

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[Brissaud and other recent French writers lay much stress upon the dif-

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Students are strongly recommended to attend the opening lecture.

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that all the last-named paralyses have been classed together under the name of

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vey, Bartelmez, Swift, Bloom, Polyak, Hoerr, S. H. Bensley.

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These courses are to be not less than four months' duration ; but candidates

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