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such proper precautions, should be held responsible for the results

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six, years. The example set by these distinguished men has in later

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making a careful statement of the things that might take place after an extrac-

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page of right nostril. Posterior rhinoscopy revealed a globular,

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upon arrival he was semi-conscious, tossing about and uttering a moan

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Professor at the Medical College are attended by a very large class of

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motion will be such as was expected ; but as soon as one, two, or all

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it, either ignorant or forgetful of the fact that it is insoluble in the

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But nature, as if not content with curing diseases by means of the

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All candidates for appoiutmcnts in the Medical Corps, must apply

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and Fort Adams ; and in 1827 in Trumbull County, 0. In 1832,

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fatiguing himself and his attendants ; and even where the weakness

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Jan. 13th, P.M. — The patient was somewhat quieted by the mor-

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press in trichinous disease, and the accounts of the panic which pre-

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pamphlet was printed for private circulation only, as we have seen no

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Mortality from Cholera in Neiu Orleans. — From an editorial in the

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to expose so much of the bony sac as would admit of a free opening

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we should look for a much fuller description of the minute anatomy of

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ture, or of the operations she performs purely, and without any con-

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now yield at least a portion of these cases, which it formerly embrac-

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Out of forty-eight candidates, the Paris Imperial Society of Surgery

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sician can use this volume as a clinical help in diagnosis without

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chievous, unless, indeed, there are special circumstances in the indi-

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tained by suggesting this and that remedy for a disease which had ex-

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gitis, and lias lost thirty of them ; it was when this regiment present-

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To Wm. E. Toicnsend, M.D., Chairman of the Anniversary Committee of the

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mixture just mentioned. The writer of this paper, so far as he is informed, was one

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How is this method of lavation of the stomach performed ? The

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scrotum, in varicocele. Finally, there is no impulse in varicocele

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Philadelphia ; J. B. Lippincott & Co.— Reports of Brevet Brigadier General D. C. McCallum,

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heard; vocal fremitus was absent. On careful palpation there was

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neck was the spot chosen for injection. The experiments were made

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