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it causes no irritation, and may be applied to a deep wound, as I shall

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[Read before Uie BoBton Society for Medical Observation, June 4th, 1800, and communicated for the Boston

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When attending Lawrence, the great surgeon, when he had hemi-

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officers, the Attorney-General and the Comptroller-General, is

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nished by Dr. J. F. A. Adams, resident graduate in the Medical De-

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over the bladder. A thin, reddish, sero-purulcnt fluid flows freely

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fication ; the spores of the algas cause intermittent fever. I have

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consisting of Drs. Buckingham, 13orUind and Cheever.

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the Board of Health of this and other places shall be so constituted

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to the giving up of Valsalva's plan if that plan rested chiefly on ex-

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tions of treatment, and never despairing of our being able to fulfil

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and in half an hour two drachms more. This seemed to have slight,

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ed to heal, it was first treated with hot compresses of chamomile tea,

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Hospitals alone, from 1861 to July 1, 1865, of which the mortality

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U. S. Medical Director, the stick was removed. The subclavian was

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prevailed, was the first person attacked. Afterwards, others who

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patient was, however, obliged to wear the tracheotomy tube con-

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but by simply removing the obstacle to its reestablishment, namely,

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of mischief, diphtlieria. That both these diseases depend on a

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