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be used with the weighing bottle because the oil delays

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that no good has been done by treatment. It is as difficult to discern

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trustworthy as those we have just mentioned without their by no means

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papule of about the size of a pin's head, from which, in its earliest stage,

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symptoms ; for instance, the patient has complained of general feeling

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size of small coins the term P. nummularis is used ; and if the patches,

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when the scales are softened. The action of ointments is much intensified

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and replaced by a soothing lotion of lead, zinc and calamine. It is

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unify the treatment by use of the terms proton donor and proton

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as the cause ; scarlatiniform erythema has been met with in connection

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positive pole (anode) when the current is closed or opened, than with the

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of the pathology of the affection has been still further advanced by

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virulent intensity so frequently seen in spontaneous zoster ; moreover,

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distinctions have not been always observed ; and it may be pointed out

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Aerobic, non - liquefying ; on gelatine plates the deep colonies are

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Grafton, and that, to avenge himself for the affair of the

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change begins in isolated foci deep in the eorium, about the level of the

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Less degrees of obsession are seen in the petty doubts which beset a

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V, then, in the first place, consider: cures depending

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erary eminence." Nor must we pass by Jerome Cardan, the

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and too often the atmosphere in which they work and sleep is vitiated.

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The nails may be affected in all local affections of the nerves, especially

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1893, vol. ii. (with coloured plate).— 6. Fox, C, and Gibbes, Hf Brit. Med. Journal,

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