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patient, the state of the os, the position of the child, the kind
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matter by fine screening; second, sterilization by chlorin.
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freely intercommunicate by means of anastomotic connec-
of red blood cells and leucocytes. The larger branches were filled with
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received a four-year $227,000 grant from HEW to design,
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This little book follows a previous one by the same author, and is
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rapidly increased, reduced or discontinued according to the clinical course.
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been announced : President's Address, Henry M. Hurd, Secretary, Board
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vania, delivered the chief address. The honorary degree of LL. D. was
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fact that there was no adequate reason for according the priv-
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The application of the Wassermann test to the spinal fluid
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rational grounds for the surgical treatment of Basedow's disease— the
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prise, he found that no dictionary of Hebrew medical
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Correspondence of the Secretary with the Chief of Police and the
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nent specialists. Edited by John H. Musser, M. D., Professor of
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in the chair. In the absence of J. E. Tuckerman, J. S. Tierney was
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New York metropolitan area. The agency has branches
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a series of experiments with pneumococci obtained by blood culture from
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noted the absence of the uvula she knew that an enucleation of
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with the peritoneal cavity. In the remaining four cases no
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lows: Morphin caused a spasm of the sphincter .antri pylori,
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Philadelphia. Fourteenth edition, thoroughly revised. Octavo, 984 pages,
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medicine makers is evidenced by the ease with which a fund was raised
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differentiate brain abscess from brain tumor. As regards the
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.ol.d exc^ta. With these^H^rt:!'* '"'^ "'"^ "l-^d "d
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the causes for that wearing and useless haste and worry which shorten
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sitz bath being used. The largest masses wither and drop off, small
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The 1912 annual meeting of the Ohio State Medical Association will
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«.ny different kinTof ^'^I^:,' " f™!""' "—• g-t
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ing the use of the ordinary blood counting slide, but, as they first centri-
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science of medicine, and to provide for the admission and expul-
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equally requisite factor of the clinic is the training of physi-
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able to perform adequate metabolic processes directly with
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regulations were not feasible the amendments could be withdrawn.
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such an excess does result from strong emotion he, in collab-
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(c) A ventilating system according to approved hygienic methods.

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