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ment, he is still sceptical, and points to a few cases

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rule almost invariably laid down by authors on the. prac-

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when it might be done ; he replied, that the mother

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who, although he had no intention of practising, had

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present time to discuss at length the precise merits

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ball for payment of his charge. In giving judgment,

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if the distress had been more bountifully relieved.

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21,095 at Is - a da y? f r length of service and wounds.

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burgh infirmary, in the room of Dr. Warburton Begbie.

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transmitted to the Eegistrai'-General by the local re-

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skull are not so fatal as was formei-ly supposed. Of

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per cent. In Cork, the average was about 6 per cent.

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from a height on the abdomen ; to apjjly pressure by

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it, but cannot transmit them to the deeper parts of

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wrote to me, in a very polite and gentlemanly manner, to attend

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bore the following inscription : — " Presented to

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in Surgery : it would encoiu-age students to desert

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of life, and sometimes also in adult age, to which we

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change of type in disease, arguing that a change of

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anxious and the suffering by an unsympathetic hilarity. The

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of the Lvngs, Pleurcc, Heart, Abdominal Viscera, and

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twice a day, and every morning, before the inhabit-

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mains in a gelatinous state, preserving all the time

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be more resisting and more unsatisfactory to treat,

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the effect of a copious haemorrhage, of a profuse and

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nually remo\Tng the causes of discontent ; that the

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are cheap. It is not, perhaps, exactly this course of

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promised if he felt worse to return to the hospital.

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although there has been no direct entrance into the

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0^, Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square, March 2nd, 1805.

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little seLf-will and perversity of temper." She conti-

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by ;Mr. Carter himself ; and we find that it, together

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lin Journal of Medical Science, a letter from Dr. Lombard

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Council apply to Parliament for the necessary powers

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fiered no inconvenience from it, as the slight laceration had

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