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morning his place of usefulness was vacant forever. The event is so recent, the
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ble, the indication for supplying water to the blood. The pulse dimi-
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— typhoid fever, 2 — gastritis, 1 — h;cmoiTliage, 1 — disease of the hcait, 2 — infantile disease, 2
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the same may be said of that practised by inferior human races, or,
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one cannot help reflecting how nearly science sometimes approaches
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car passed diagonally across the palmar aspect of the right hand ;
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best to administer ether. After the consent of herself and husband
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In 1813, the same disease occurred in New Hampshire and Ver-
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sale of a patent medicine," and " using quack methods of introduc-
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As regards dressing and bandaging a fractured limb, the author
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gy, which plainly teach us that the whole economy, as regards in-
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account of its increased volume, such a displacement that by its infe-
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Treasu7^er, Dr. Francis Minot, Boston. Trustees, Dr. W. B. Morris,
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was asked to notice the death of our late fellow. Dr. John G.
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was as high as 43.35 percent, ofthe wludo. The Registrar very sensi-
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the inverted position, in vain. Ice was applied with no better effect.
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changing of the seat and form of the disease, by means of which the
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by hoop-iron, very cheap, light, strong, and easily made on the spot,
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feared. Another fatal case is reported in Roxbury, in a person recent-
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that here is ah Augean stable to be cleansed indeed. Utterly disgust-
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gery. Here we see plainly that unless we act promptly and under-
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seat of fracture, causing a prominent ridge across the infra-spinous
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attention to the aceompanying very instructive c;ise. Another instance of the same affec-
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by Dr. Upham, with interesting illustrative remarks.
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one half had been closed by sutures before being brought to the Hos-
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white. The same may be said of tlio perspiration, which exudes in
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are to resolve, they would be no longer beneficial, and so far from
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to survive ; but it was equally clear she could bear no more loss of
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one end, liaving a V-shape, then we shall have the particles arranged
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and the question now was to restore Dr. Pallen to his membership,
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conveys but a faint impression of its elaborate and instructive charac-
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found in vesicles, pustules, abscesses, and inflamed surfaces of the
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these spots are of a dirty pink or florid color, and very slightly ele-
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the profession are of opinion that, whilst it will less adequately,

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