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previous year. This report, signed by tlie trustees, shall be present-

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To me, it appears one of the easiest modes of exit from the world."

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cases, and what are the geneml results of treatment.

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the lower tumor, in the subclavian triangle, was removed.

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of their powers — often to exhaustion. I did not at the time recog-

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In the two following cases, the treatment consisted in the punc-

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with due treatment, left clean ulcers, which healed without scars."

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Death of Dr. Abraham Gould. — At a meeting of the physicians of

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Church," of which denomination he was a devoted member.

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thinks hys eria relatively common in boys about the age of twelve

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the application of trusses. We believe this rule to be without

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Galen may be seen in future years wielding a scalpel in his pro-

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the foreign births were only one half as many as the American, but

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lymph and agglutinated. It was brought together ; but becoming

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It is true that the same end may be sometimes attained by trusses

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lie had noticed benefit from its use in a great man)' cases, lie had

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mental derangement, at its first attack, and but seldom in its more

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period, is even more important, and concerns ourselves at the pre-

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a semi-monthly publication and promises to make good the gap too

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Three months later, he was seen with the jaw in a perfectly

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varieties may present themselves in such extensive connection with

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