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are all healthy. When five years old he had scarlet fever, vvlrch was

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was a small opening, Avhicli just admitted the director. I first nar-

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the 16th ult., states that for some days previously no new case of

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Contributions to Bone and Nerve Surgery. By J. C. Nott, M.D., Pro-

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So also with regard to emetics and cathartics, the opinion of the

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her very low, looking as though she had lost the last drop of blood.

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Dr. Hughes wished both to straighten and lengthen the limb, he cut

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takeu from the census of 1880. The volume is concluded by an

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appeared. She began to make eflbrts to move away from the pour-

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figures of heroic size, portraying the idea of the relief of suffering.

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currence have not been treated of so fully, and it may not come

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universally acknowledged fact, that it exists and plays its part only

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us that such a substance causes vomiting, another induces sleep, pro-

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itself by the track of the bullet's entrance, had been still further vent-

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ounce in half the above quantity of water. Tliis had only the effect

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pieces of filtering paper, soaked in the rice-water discharges, have

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terials available for the preparation of a Medical and Surgical History

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brain, 1 — bronchitis, 1 — cancer, 4 — consumption, 17 — convulsions, 1 — croup, 2 — dropsy, 2 —

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hemorrhages, the best remedy with which to combat them is a weak

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tion of Cruelty to Animals, dated November 1, in which he enters at length into

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"' Now listen, all ye gods !' Whit a spectacle ! In the heavy

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nitely better in a single case than in the long run, and vice versa.

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habit in the body in which consumption has its source. They say,

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the peroneal nerve, and finally to the back of the foot. The two inner

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that an ounce of medicament in this contrivance will go as far as

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smell for most substances, save camphor and cologne at times.

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he, in comuKni with all the medical men of Boston, prefers under

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was " very large." Pulse became full, soft and slower ; rash of pro-

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*Delivered in " La Charite" and translated for the North Carolina Medical

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power of the glass, which enables the eye to see all the lines of the card equally distinct. For

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May at Chicago, at Lcland and in Williamson County, 111. ; during

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ed. Wishing to promote suppuration in the tonsils of a patient, I

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