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which latter vv^ill keep up a constant, spring pressure on the canal.

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sion for the sick and wounded has been made in Post Hospitals, of

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right or left liypochondrium." — Da Costa on Medical Diagnosis, page 379.

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coming meeting to be held in Baltimore on the first day of May next, as well as

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anything to make campaign capital for them. We believe that

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recoveries. Among the sheep, 4,463 were afi'ected and 4,002 died or

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Under 5 years of age, 26 — between 5 and 20 years, 7 — between 20 and 40 years, 18 — be-

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analysis its component parts are well ascertained, impelled from the

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inspires. Should the cold weather continue, the same person may

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Medical lalelligence. — The French Emperor has granted 300 medals

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quarantine of six daj^s shall be performed (excepting cases coming

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that trichina undergoes only a partial development within their intes-

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consented to have the ball extracted after the death of the child, but

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According to the Registrars' Reports, the number of deaths in July,

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withdraws himself from their influence. In truth, this nervous sys-

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generally familiar, and although these are widely modified according

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warm water. In the meantime the true nature of the poison was

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constant, ending either in opisthotonos, or, in two cases, in empros-

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most vigorous health when she began to work at the machine, in seven

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firmer investment of the aponeurosis brings any pus beneath this fas-

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menthae piperita? nearly always affords speedy relief. I have painted

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toms of the disease are pain in the head, muscles and bones, espe-

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voice was recovered it would be by beginning, Je novo, like a child,

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being of the whole community, and brouglit ver}' forcibly to the minds

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danger, are themselves but broken and unreliable reeds, is this day most pain-

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In pityriasis versicolor, we have dark brown patches with well

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speed in exam writing Frank would have had little competition.

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object in writing is to call the attention of those who have charge of

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and handed to my kind assistants to pull on. We told them to pull

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most instances show their authors to be well read and learned in the

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1865. The abdomen was enormously distended, and after her con-

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