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It soothes, protects and softens parts to which it is applied,
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tion the committee on the subject offered a substitute for the resolutions intro-
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certain, from the vast quantities of it that I have prescribed within
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faces. The vascular connections of the flaps are not disturbed, and
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convex bistoury, with a black horn handle; 1 amputating saw (Char-
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was shortly iitt;ickeJ with acute pain, tympanites, vomiting, &c., sunk,
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Again — these vapors, when freely imbibed on a full stomach, acted
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"watched as carefully during chloroform as in ether inhala-
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through the lungs to the bronchi, and was discharged by the mouth.
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they improve the local tone of the alimentary canal ; prob-
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distillation. It contains, by weight, from 40 to 50 per cent.
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marriages and deaths during the last year, we learn that the whole
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would be returned to duty with their regiments, and the expense now
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was specially looked for, it did not appear. These arc detailed by
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of haemorrhage from the lungs, uterus and kidneys, and in
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mane enterprise. II*' was chairman, I think, on an important commit-
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allowing of the most complete isolation of contagious cases and the
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The protein elements (as serum albumin) in the blood con-
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and peristalsis, rather than to its absorbing gases. If
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■ — Paris Correspondence of the London Medical Times and Gaz.
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fect an*l hasty sketch is made from memory, and of such ficts as I
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D., gr.ii. for each lb. of live weight, or gr.xv.-3i'. (1.-8.) ;
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all, their attention is called to it. — American Medical Timex.
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does not readily stop of itself In this case compression with the
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2. To relieve pain, spasm (of intestines and bladder),
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while, on the other hand, enormous doses (gr.1-12, instead
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The following embraces the proper treatment of all these
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Description. — Leaves about 5 Cm. long, petiolate, ovate-
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in general should more properly be made against the roads over which
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Capsicum, Tincture of .— H., dr. 2-4 (cc. 8.-15.). C, oz. |-1 (cc. 15.-30.)^
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Makkied, — In Mehose, June 4, Joseph Robbins, M.D., of Quincy, lU., to Miss Louisa A.
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(.12-.3); C, cathartic, gr.v.-x, (.3-.6) ; H., diarphoretic,
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essentially antipyretics. While they do not invariably lower
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tallic compounds does not materially interfere with the optical as it does with the
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least should have felt resistance on introducing the tube, which last J
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rhoids ; fistula in ano ; primary and secondary s.yphilis : aneurism ;
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year being one of great mercantile distress, the number in 1858 fell to
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augmented ; the deltoids in a small degree, but the fibre feels tense
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tect the sick and the ignorant, both against mercenary thoughtless-
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minished, it has remained stationary. Nevertheless the population of

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