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and " defying nomenclature and classification." We have examined
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with Dr. Perry as a derivative to tlic uterus from the head. The
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through the acetabulum, the absence of other signs proves that if
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tation contest,' which has served as a student conver-
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derstanding of this Protean disease there are among the many a3tio-
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ing in what their essence consists. If, then, we contemplate with
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Selestat (Bas Rhine) in 1839 was visited by this disease, which
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ference, has prepared a special report, which appears in the form of
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We find that the whole sum expended by the department during the
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did not exceed annually from 1850 to 1860, five thousand persons.
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quire months, and the hot weather has already revived in many locali-
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" Haemorrhage, pysemia, cellulitis, peritonitis, have undoubtedly follow-
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under the name of tunica vaorinalis scroti, or relJexa. This may be
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less if those cherishing it would reflect that those who are born here are
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as to the chronic affections. The success attending the treatment of
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rior spine of left ilium. In I'ight groin a large ecchymosed spot.
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the Fraternity invites Osteopathic physicians to speak
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3— burns, 1— cancer, 1— cholera, 1 — consumption. 16— convulsions, 1 — croup, 2— debility, 1
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tion at the prospect of such a ))urgation. As tlie inspection has gone
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for surgical operations, and now-a-days subject to all sorts of barbarity
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nation causing considerable pain. There was no marked tumefaction
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Our second year at PCO was an admixture of clinical courses bolstered by a
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advantage. It is due to many years of labor — to the labor of Jameson,
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peculiar symptoms which he reported. He, however, maintained his
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the sides and breast, as from a sense of suffocation. The patients
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torated bloody mucus, the face became more livid, and the respiration
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incline to inflammation, resulting in union with the capsule, when irri-
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themselves because they possess substance gathered by others ; and
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Died, — At his residence at Sing Sing, on the Hudson, on the 29th day of November, Dr.
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a considerable thickening of the whole mass of the blood."
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halation, to the present time, a vast amount of inventive talent has

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