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by the siphon ; it is possible, however, that some solid particles of
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Indeed, \v(> thiid< that the previous culpable remissness of the public
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Longot, Robin, Tardieu and others. The plan of procedure will be
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The annual medical commencement of this Institution took place on
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gelation, on the score of reaction being likely to be caused by it, or other injurious
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kenzie and Semeleder. Whatever patterns are used, it is important
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stances on record), and, at any moment when brought in contact with
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passed in truthfulness and artistic execution. They have sometimes
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introduced two entirely new elements — namely, abnormal diffusion
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bottle, when not in use, should be kept tightly corked, a precau-
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in' i :i 1 1 ht mora totidor bhnn tho ro l of tho organ and whioli looim
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Middlesex North District Medical Society. — At the regular annual meeting of this society
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sical, intellectual and moral life. In physical culture he became a stalwart young
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him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my
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times a very uncertain one, in consequence of the presence of the
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attended her while pregnant in the almshouse at New Bedford testi-
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ety this brief interval of repose removes from the attending physi-
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repeated vomitings, a tremendous salivation, and an excessive dia-
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Emmons and Kerr. The first part of the volume is a reproduc-
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lirsolved, That wo tender to Dr. Ilenry H. Cliilds and his deeply
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Oa motion of Dr. Sayre, of New York, the Publication Committee
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think can it be possible that the men who occupy the honorable
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of tlie perchloride of iron, are all of them useful. The last-named
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a search through the works of Mackenzie, Gibb and others, and
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Case IH. — S. M., aet. 8 years, was brought to the City Hospital at 73,
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hands can reach the object, when he as gradually and carefully rises
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the use of means calculated to maintain the purity of the air, a pro-
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agent to 19° below zero, and that the skin could be with certainty
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E.xperiments conducted by Yirchow and Louckart, however, in 1859,
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Ford reservoirs of one of the eight London companies, and to the
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records discover, if possible, the causes of the disease and its nature.
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bathed in perspiration. Her appeals for immediate relief were so

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