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mouth partially open, and lips covered with little herpetic vesicles ;

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cases at Constantinuple, and tliree other physicians in the same city

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tion l>etween the optic thalaums and the corpus striatum of the left

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logical action of the remedy that, with some individuals, a compar-

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ly, 28 ; suffocation, 24 ; suicide, 65 ; surgical operation, 9 ; syphilis,

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that the vapor reached not only the finest ramifications of the bron-

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in the expected advent of an epidemic which delights in filth and dis-

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grateful remembrance, aflection and respect of a large circle, who

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suppuration of the cornea, a process occurring as a general thing

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+ Macartin, Poirsin et Brithctcau, in Bui. dc I'Acad. de Med., t. 9.

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double-edged knife, which was also to be carried down to the poly-

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make use of the soapy wash two or three times a day, and as long

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tome; but I have never attempted to divide the internal os. lean-

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instincts are frequently rudimentary in women of civilized uations.

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inflammation of the brain or its membranes ; but this is an inciden-

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Another and a far more important change in our system of medical

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ances and in clearing away the rubbish which centuries had heaped

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the same, an iris in which a coloboma has been made exhibits a les-

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Surgeon to the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, Moorfields.

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the flat roof of a tenement house, she stepped backwards over the

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out and used, and on Tuesday, the 22d November, a child was taken

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' places wliere the head -was affected — congestion and exudation.

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These buildings are all crowded, and the inmates cannot be scattered

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The high rate of mortality and the extensive prevalence of the

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around the anus where the swellings exist. It occasions a smarting

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until the much-needed reform is radically accomplished.

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ble in many passages, and the energetic advocacy of professional rec-

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weighing 6^ pounds. According to the statement of attendant and

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ance of Asiatic cholera as an epidemic were justified, and March 3d,

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not engaging in those practices which will in any way

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gray color, without vascularity. Uterus small ; attached to its fun-

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But to penetrate somewhat deeper into the nature of disease, it is.

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"If the D.O. Is to retain his identity, he must utilize all the modalities of the Osteopathic

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canite. It often liappens that the most valuable discoveries are

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