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three of whom must be physicians, and the health officer of the port

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which he then used were as large as those he now takes.

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Dr. Ordway, of Boston, advocated the amendment, and stated that

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ing from Dr. Dana in this respect: viz., that admitting, as he did, the

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diffused darkening of the skin, with spangemia, and greatly enfeebled

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Roxbury. Abdomen began to enlarge during the following summer,

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alone, but these two animals caused the sickness of 500, and the

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white coat. Pulse 80. A little desire for food. Says her back is

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The New York State Medical Society decided by a small majority

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which so far incapacitated me fur any physical exertion that the exer-

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had almost said that in peritonitis no other application to the

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Feb. 12Tn. — Diphtheria. — Dr. Oliver reported the case. A child 12

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The following operation was performed, under the influence of

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member that all past experience in the use of remedies is not to be ig-

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ensues, and death, were it not for the lieart's pulsation, is apparent.

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The melancholy truth that the best and wisest of our profession, the men to

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lera breaks out in India and reigns there in certain localities as an

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and comfort. She has since done uninterruptedly well, and her improv-

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necessarily dangerous. It is dangerous in the old and alcoholic,

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ellite tracking station in Annett Alaska. He decided he would

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process was most marked on the inner surface of the lower lobe, but

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The popular idea in such cases is to give purgatives, as it is in inter-

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caused by the various stimulants acting upon his organs, to nourish

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to the too common glorification of physicians, but while it points out

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arising from incision innij follow the operation of the most skilful

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lime genius, which no law affecting the patient could escape, by

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both terms, ineludingcontactual and remote propagation. An agreement

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from Dr. Allen in reply to Dr. Derby's article in* last week's Journal.

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therapeutics, Dr. Bradford decided to head for a spe-

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As regards dressing and bandaging a fractured limb, the author

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Aju-il and Mav.— Chicago Medical .Journal for May.— Chicago Medical Examiner for May.

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essential sj'mptoms. As for treatment, I have mentioned only those

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being safer, and an endless variety of instruments to facilitate its

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