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such as cotton flax, paper, &c. — but also for substances derived from

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'Cases in Hospital and Private Practice. '"f I intend to make use of

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served, must necessarily bo maintained by corresponding extraordina-

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" Whether the fact of race specifically modifies the vitality or the

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age the excellent results which many operators have thus obtained, and even the

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In 1480 and 1481, a putrid fever, accompanied with phrenitis,

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perfection. Yalleix, Bouillaud and several others have occasionally

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years old. How much easier the task would then be, not only for

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" To many of us he was almost a father, who not only by his sound medical

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tact a series of intermediate organs or limbs, as the case may be, un-

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" ' Of the vessel that sailed on the 9th of November, 18-18, from

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cian publicly to announce or recommend himself, has become so fre-

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bors, and a very stringent sanitary police there, are also most impor-

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which exists between corresponding parts in different animals ; as,

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Dr. Cushman related several cases which occurred in his practice

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each class will show that scarcely one fifth of the Americans are at

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names, and whose appointment is an insult to the men of learning

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through the month of June, during which she was steadily convalesc-

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tion, and then only for a few moments for the purpose of bathing

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Miss Marcia Tanner, Nursing Supervisor and Mrs. Ada Lipshutz, Direc-

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the jar and attaching it for a moment to the apparatus. Should the

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" The pain attending this deformity is peculiar, and is felt around

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pletely across the pelvis, or in which it is situated in the deeper parts

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argument. A man becomes apoplectic from cerebral hjemorrhage,

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in diameter. Considerable adipose, but diminished muscular tissue.

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JVithiti due limits. — The reason of this is so clear, so intimately

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No cough, unless croup super- Cough almost invariably present.

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with their comrades and the free workmen from the lotli December

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and Virginia he alsO quotes in the same connection, cases which, in

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